E2 model.

Multilayer anatomic pad

Fits very good, with hight density padding in parts in contact with seat, and perforated for a better air flow.

With opening in central part as modern seats.

Flat and soft stiching confortable to athlete during physical activity.

1st layer

CoolMax® Bielastic Sanitized with antibacterial treatment.

Light, soft and transpiring fabric keeps body dry and cool during physical activity.

2nd layer

Padding is placed in points mostly in contact with the seat.

Air plus is an hight density foam (85 kg/m³ 10 mm thick, 14 kPA capacity - 85 density) perforated to inprove air flow.


(AIR PLUS perforated transpiring)


3rd layer

Lighter and softer padding in points of major rubbing in front and sides not subjected to body pressure. 60 density 4 mm tick.


4th layer Bielastic layer to contain various layers of paddings.


Available colors :

Graphitan gray Black Orange Light blue Red



The models shown here are available in all the fabrics
 All items are supplied complete with label and brand name
 All models may be customised with silk screen printing in several colours and types of lettering.
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