F2 Plus man


F2 Normal man


F2 Normal lady

 modello F2

F2 Normal : with MTP foam (60 density), with various thickness (0-3-7-10 mm)

F2 Plus : Multilayer pad with various tickness, thermojoined to protect from shocks in parts mostly in contact with the seat.


See table :


Layer Description
Orange fabric Bielastic Coolmax Sanitized. Hygenic, absorbes sweat and moistoure.
MTP White Transpiring foam,60 density 3 mm thick
MTP Black perforated Hight desity foam, protects against shocks and vibrations,120 density 70mm tick
MTP White Transpiring foam,60 density 3 mm thick
Bielastic fabric layer



The models shown here are available in all the fabrics
 All items are supplied complete with label and brand name
 All models may be customised with silk screen printing in several colours and types of lettering.
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